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Follow the Rhythm

Feel the Rhythm

Kamio Akira
26 August
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Name- Kamio Akira
Age- 19
Species- Witch
Kamio has his same dark red hair, and haircut that he has in the anime, though perhaps, since he's 19, he has an older appearance, and has gained some height. He's still as thin as a stick though, and actually somewhat underweight because of a fast metabolism. He also tends to wear casual clothes, because it's easier for him to move.

Kamio cannot stay still. He always seems to feel the need to be moving, and that only increases whenever he's got his MP3 player turned out, or a radio near him. Kamio is a very excitable person too, easily agitated, and has what seems to be a nonexistant fuse. He's also loyal to anyone who can get close to him, and wouldn't do anything to betray their trust. Kamio is also a very impatient person who likes to get things done fast.

Kamio is a born and raised witch. There's never been a time where he's been without magic in his life, because his mother and father have always used it, and have always been teaching him it. Magic made life simple, or at least, as simple as something could be. His family had never had a lot of money, and always seemed to live in cramped apartments. Kamio was also always attended a public school. His parents had always thought that if they lived in a world that was mostly mortal, they may as well teach their son to live with that, and that there was no point trying to keep him away from the mortal world.

Growing up in the mortal world like he did led to him getting into generally mortal things. Like music. He was never found without his MP3 player when he finally got one, always listening to some form of music. It was what led him to get better at magic too, in the first place. It helped him keep a beat, and some patience, while learning the things that he needed to learn. There were fewer mishaps, at least. He also took to dancing when he had some free time, and running.

He was good at both, a naturally fast runner (without magic, or anything else of the sort), and a natural dancer. Of course, the only kind of dance that he really did was of the hiphop variety, but it was still dance, and something that he loved to do. When it came to running, it became something that he did whenever he needed to think about something, and he would lose himself in the world of music as he would run and think about everything that he needed to think about.

By the time he turned 17 though, he wanted to live on his own, much to his parents dismay. They gave him a laptop. It had the basic grimoires that they had been trying to drill into his head on it. That wasn't the only thing that they had given him though. He also had a familiar, one in the form of a tabby cat. The cat, Kayako, would make sure Kamio didn't get into to much mischief. Kamio has a somewhat interesting relationship with his familiar, and can always be seen arguing with her, though he trusts Kayako to make sure that he doesn't accidentally screw something up.

That was when he actually, really, got involved and understood more of the clans though, and he began to live with a clan, joining it, and attempting to get somewhere in life with the fact that he likes dancing. He has yet to really have some success with it though.

Present life-
Kamio's living with members of his clan, doing odd jobs to get money as he tries to do more with the idea of dancing.

((This is an RP journal for vampuri_tales))